I enjoy sharing my skills with others and have run a few workshops. Contact me if you’d like to organise one. I’m based near Glasgow but happy to travel.

craft workshops
Some of my original craft tutorials

Craft Workshop

I have created lots of easy DIYs for Asking For Trouble, Super Cute Kawaii and my book, The Super Cute Book of Kawaii. Most involve paper cutting or pom poms and are suitable for most ages. These workshops can be run as a class or a drop-in activity.

See some of my craft tutorials >>

zine workshop
Zines and comics created at my workshops

Zines & Comics Workshop

I’ve been making zines (self-published magazines) since I was a teenager and they’re an accessible way to get started with creating your own publication. Zinemaking appeals to all ages, costs are low and no special skills are required.

At past workshops, I have talked a little about the history of zinemaking with examples from my own work and collection, followed by a hands-on activity where participants create a simple 8 page mini zine. I can also bring part of my extensive zine collection for people to browse through for inspiration.

See some of the zines created >>