Prettify Theme for Shopify

Prettify Theme for Shopify

Prettify is no longer available – please see my Shopify services page for more recent information or to get a free extended trial of Shopify.

Prettify is a theme Shopify commissioned me to design for their new users. It’s available free from the Shopify Theme Store and from your admin panel.

The idea behind it was to create a theme that would be perfect for artists and crafters, especially those who are used to sites such as Etsy, Folksy and DaWanda. I spent a lot of time on those sites comparing the layouts and design and merged the best parts together to make Prettify.

It has a similar clean look to all those sites, and the design is built around banner and avatar images that can be swapped for your own design without too much difficulty. The emphasis is on large product photos to show off intricate details and unique handmade products. A lot of the other Shopify themes give much more emphasis to product descriptions and prices but for most art and craft products, it’s the pictures that are most important.

Prettify Theme for Shopify

There are four colour versions available, as you can see above, and these can be switched easily in the Theme Editor. Of course, you can also edit the stylesheets to use your own colour scheme and build additional features on top of my code. That’s the beauty of Shopify.

I’ve built an example site using Prettify so you can have a browse around and see how all the pages look. I’m also adding new features and will explain how some of them are done in the Tips and Tutorials section.

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