If you would like to discuss a project or commission, or just have a general enquiry you can email me at If you’re unsure what you need, I’m happy to provide advice free of charge and can give you a range of options to suit your budget. I also love to problem solve – if you know what you want but have no idea if it’s possible, I can probably figure out a solution!

Rates & Quotes

My rates depend on the type of project so please fill out my Project Quote Form with as much detail as possible and I will reply with my current rates and quote. If possible, please give me an idea of your budget. This is not so I can overcharge you, but so I can tell you what’s possible for that price. Unlike some designers and agencies, I love to find the most suitable and affordable solution for your project and will give you a range of options for different budgets. While I am happy to do small jobs for return clients, I do not usually take on new projects under £50/$75.


If you’re considering using Shopify then I can set you up with a development trial account that is completely free to use until you start accepting orders. Just email me. There’s no obligation to upgrade to a paid account or to hire me to work on your site.