Shopify and E-commerce

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I’ve been designing, and selling through, Shopify stores since their early days and have an almost unhealthy love for the service. Combining clean and simple controls with an infinitely customisable design, I don’t believe there’s a better e-commerce option available.

I run my own store using Shopify so I know it inside out as a designer, owner and buyer.

Whether you require a full design and build, someone to make your Photoshop design into reality or just a few tweaks to a standard Shopify theme, I’m here to help!

I also love to tinker with Shopify code so get in touch if you have any custom feature ideas and I’m happy to offer advice.

View some of my recent Shopify designs »

Free Trial Store

If you’re considering using Shopify then I can set you up with a development trial account that is completely free to use until you start taking orders. Just contact me. There’s no obligation to use the store or to hire me to do any work on your site either.

Other E-commerce Services

If Shopify is outwith your budget, I can help customise stores using BigCartel or plugins for WordPress. Sadly, I find most other e-commerce software to be badly structured and counter-intuitive and will not take on jobs requiring these.