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    5pm Website

    The new website just launched – I’ve been working on this for the past few months. I was involved in the look and feel of the various sections, especially Health and…

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    Lucie Galand

    A site I designed recently for artist Lucie Galand. She wanted a very clean and simple design and the ability to expand the site at her own pace so WordPress was the…

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    5pm Blog Redesign

    New WordPress blog template for It has a similar layout to the previous standard template but now with 5pm branding and colours. It also has a randomising banner image at the…

  • Websites & Blogs

    pumpkinspütnik Website

    New website I designed for Glasgow designer-maker pumpkinspütnik. It all runs off a WordPress installation with various tweaks so that the news section is the only section to look like a blog.It…

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    iomart Group websites

    I had a major role in the design and development of the websites for three of the major brands at my previous workplace – Easyspace, Easynic and Internetters. In such a fast-moving,…